Da Nang Nightlife is considered a city full of lights, with a cool and gentle sky. Everywhere, from the city center to the Son Tra peninsula, along the coast, electric lights are sparkling. You can easily choose a stopover for yourself every night in Da Nang. The beauty of Da Nang Vietnam nightlife is modern, strong, and full of life, with beautiful and attractive entertainment places.

Da Nang Nightlife - Da Nang Travel Guide
Da Nang is beautiful and shimmering at night.

Top Attractions in Da Nang at night

Asia Park Da Nang

Firstly, this is a modern amusement park designed based on the most popular games in Asia today. The park includes many amusement areas with diverse themes. Including roller coasters, wooden horse carousels, and so on. there are many miniature architectural works such as Clock Tower, Buddha statue, and so on. Besides entertainment, Asia Park also serves a full range of performing arts and dining services.

Da Nang Nightlife - Da Nang Travel Guide
The Clock Tower and Sun Wheel in Asia Park Da Nang.

Secondly, if you are adventurous, there are also a series of thrilling night games. Including a free-falling tower – Golden Sky Tower, a sky train – Monorail, a hanging roller coaster – Queen Cobram, etc., waiting for you to explore!

Da Nang Nightlife - Da Nang Travel Guide
Asia Park shimmering at night.

Last but not least, if you come to Asia Park at night, you must try to experience the Sun Wheel, ranked in the top 10 largest wheels in the world. With a height of more than 115m, you can easily admire the beauty of Da Nang nightlife from above as well as enjoy the feeling of cool wind.

In particular, the Sun Wheel at night will become as brilliant as the sun, thanks to being lit by more than 13,000 LED lights. Creating a unique highlight in the heart of the beautiful coastal city.

Address: South of the September 2 Memorial, No. 1 Phan Dang Luu Street, Hoa Cuong Bac, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.

Famous Bridges in Danang at night

Han River Bridge

The Han River Bridge is the first swing bridge designed and built by Vietnamese engineers and workers. Thus, the bridge is considered the pride and symbol of the new vitality of the Da Nang people.

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Han River Bridge-The first swing bridge in Vietnam

Besides the unique rotating design supports waterway traffic. The cable-stayed bridges are also decorated with millions of colorful lights, making the Han River Bridge Danang come alive and special at night. Don’t forget to come here at 11 pm on Saturday and Sunday to admire the turning of the Han River Bridge. It will definitely be a memorable experience for your trip!

Address: Le Duan street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City.

Dragon Bridge

With an extremely unique architecture that is the image of a dragon designed in the Ly Dynasty. Flying to the big sea with a bright and beautiful LED system in the evening. Dragon Bridge is a must-see check-in point for you when you come to Da Nang.

da nang vietnam Nightlife - Da Nang Travel Guide
Dragon Bridge- Things to do in Danang by night

In particular, if you come to the Dragon Bridge at 9 pm every Saturday and Sunday night. You will admire the impressive sight of the Dragon Bridge spewing fire and water.

Address: An Hai Tay – Son Tra – Da Nang

Love Lock bridge Da Nang

The bridge of love right next to the Han River is one of the best tourist destinations in Da Nang at night. It attracts many couples who come here to hang the padlock engraved with their lover’s name on the bridge as a symbol of fidelity and eternal love.

Danang Nightlife - Da Nang Travel Guide

Not only is there a beautiful landscape lying between two large bridges, the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge. From the bridge looking down at night, you will see the city on the other side of the bank reflecting the light on the river surface. Creating a scene that is extremely romantic, wonderful, full of peace, and shimmering.

Address: Located on the east bank of the Han River at Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang City, Vietnam.

Thuan Phuoc Bridge

The Bridge is a giant suspension bridge, ranked at the top of the longest bridges in the beautiful coastal city of Da Nang.

da nang vietnam Nightlife - Da Nang Travel Guide
Thuan Phuoc Suspension Bridge exudes a shimmering and magical beauty every time the night falls.

It is not only an important traffic route because it connects Hai Chau and Son Tra districts between the two banks of the Han River. This is also a beautiful shimmering symbol at night of Da Nang thanks to millions of twinkling lights covering the entire space of the bridge. When you come here, you can freely create unique virtual live photos and admire the peaceful Da Nang river at night.

Tran Thi Ly Bridge

The Bridge especially attracts locals as well as tourists to visit at night because of its cool air and brilliant beauty. 

da nang vietnam Nightlife - Da Nang Travel Guide
Tran Thi Ly Bridge when it lights up.

When the city lights up, it’s also time for the bridge to change into a new coat. Becoming more impressive thanks to the modern lighting system that constantly changes color. The bright light radiating from the bridge, silhouetted against the immense Han River, has made many visitors love it.

Da Nang Marina at night

Marina complex has a total area of 14,894 square meters, runs along the Han River to 700m, and includes 4 main architectural works:

Wharf system: The wharf system is designed in the shape of an arc, gently beside the green grass. This is the place where you enjoy playing, sightseeing, and taking photos.

da nang vietnam Nightlife - Da Nang Travel Guide Travel
Da Nang Marina at night.

Superyacht DHC Marina

This is a building modeled after a large yacht floating on the Han River, with 5 floors. The highlight of the superyacht is the sky bar on the rooftop. Standing here, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Han River and the beautiful city. Besides, you can also enjoy a delicious dinner.

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DHC Superyacht

Besides, there is also Love Lock bridge and a Carp Statue transforming into a Dragon at Danang Marina. 

Da Nang Night Beaches 

Walking around My Khe beach at night

My Khe beach is located right on Vo Nguyen Giap street, T20, in Phuoc My Ward, Son Tra district, about 3km southeast of Da Nang city center. My Khe beach Danang is one of the 6 most beautiful beaches on the planet, voted by Forbes magazine. This place is famous for its long white sand beaches, crystal clear water in 4 seasons, and extremely rich coral system.

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My Khe beach at night

It could be more wonderful than walking around the beach in the evening. Putting your feet on the moist sand, gently lapping waves. Listening to the sound of the sea, you will feel peaceful and romantic. Feeling like so separate from the noisy, bustling world out there right in the heart of Da Nang city.

Night Bathing At Pham Van Dong Beach

Address: End of Pham Van Dong street, Son Tra district, Nang city.

Pham Van Dong night beach is also a suitable destination for a night walk if you do not know where to go in the evening in Da Nang.

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The beach is located right next to East Sea Park. It is combined with the young landscape of the white sand coast stretching straight to the Hoang Sa archipelago of Vietnam, on the left is the Son Tra peninsula with the passes hugging the sea. Creating a stunning view.

Night Markets

Helio night market

Address: 2/9 Street – Hai Chau – Da Nang

First of all, referring to Da Nang night market, Helio night market is one of the big and famous night markets. This night market is famous in Da Nang nightlife because here, you can satisfy all your entertainment needs. From comfortable and affordable dining to beautiful check-in. Shopping and listening to music every night.

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Furthermore, it is known as the food paradise at night in Da Nang with hundreds of delicious dishes of all kinds. From snacks, full meals, seafood buffet, baked goods, beer, milk tea, lemon tea, ice cream, etc., to Da Nang specialties. You can find all dishes you want to eat here.

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The cuisine at Helio night market.

In addition to the diverse food court, this spot is also attractive with its crowded shopping area. it is easy-to-buy items and cute accessories. All will give you a lot of choices according to your favorites.

Things to do in Da Nang at night- Hoi An Private Taxi
The shopping area at Helio night market Da Nang.

More specifically, the Helio night market has a very chill beer and barbecue space, which you can hardly find anywhere else in Da Nang. This place is a real festive space with a beautiful scene. It is decorated with magnificent lights, hundreds of new beers, and countless delicious grilled dishes.

Things to do in Da Nang at night - Da Nang Travel Guide

Also, you just have to choose for yourself a grilled dish and then sit there sipping a few cans of beer. Enjoying the bustling tunes at the main stage, what could be more interesting, right?

Ultimately, if you finish eating, and shopping or want to play something easy feel comfortable. You can play easy-to-play carnival games. It is easy to get gifts right next to you or visit the Metiz cinema to watch some hot, over-full movies. Perfect for a beautiful evening!

Things to Do in Da Nang at night - Da Nang Travel Guide

Thanh khe Tay Night Market

Address: Yen Khe 1 Street – Thanh Khe District – Da Nang.

Thanh Khe Tay Night Market has a scale of more than 220 stalls, which is a place to sell a variety of items. Including fashion, bags, shoes, souvenirs, gifts, Da Nang delicacies, food courts, beverages, and so on.

Things to Do in Da Nang at night - Da Nang Travel Guide

Additionally, on holidays and weekends. The outdoor stage area also regularly organizes cultural exchange activities and events such as light festivals. The lantern street area is beautifully decorated, where visitors can both visit and take souvenir photos. Take part in unique folk games, and so on.

Things to Do in Da Nang at night - Da Nang Travel Guide
The lights are shimmering and brilliant at the Thanh Khe Tay night market.

Son Tra Night Market

Son Tra Night Market is located right on a convenient road. It is very close to Dragon Bridge, Love Bridge, a convenient place to visit and shop when visiting Da Nang.

Things to do in danang at night - Da Nang Travel Guide

More importantly, coming to this night market, you can comfortably shop. Eating at food stalls, and buying souvenirs, handicrafts, specialties, dried seafood, and so on.

Da Nang Nightlife - Da Nang Travel Guide

In addition, you can enjoy some local dishes and seafood here. The dishes are sold alternately with product display stalls, so it is easy to choose, bringing the typical flavor of Danang people.

Da Nang nightlife Bars

Bar Sky 36

Address: 36 Bach Dang – Thach Thang – Hai Chau – Da Nang.

Are you a person who likes the hustle and bustle, likes the music playing under the flickering dim lights? Or would you simply like to sip a cocktail and see the city? Come to Sky36 Bar – one of the best and most famous nightlife venues in Da Nang with the tallest rooftop bar in Danang city.

Place to relax in Da nang at night - Da Nang Travel Guide
Sky 36 Bar Da Nang is ranked at the top of the highest and most luxurious bars in Vietnam.

From Sky36 Bar, you can see the whole shimmer of Da Nang city when the lights are on. With trendy music from DJs and rappers and luxurious and majestic space. Thus, Sky36 bar is really the ideal destination for you to hang out with friends.

Sky 21 Bar

Location: Rooftop Belle Maison Parosand Danang, 216 Vo Nguyen Giap, Phuoc My, Son Tra District, Da Nang city.

Sky 21 Bar is also an interesting place to hang out in Da Nang at night because it owns an extremely luxurious space like a five-star hotel. Because it is on the rooftop of a high-class apartment, the space at Sky 21 Bar is quite airy. 

Place to relax in Da nang at night - Da Nang Travel Guide

Plus, the layout and arrangement of furniture here will create a cozy and close space. This makes it easy for guests to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the music and delicious cocktails. Danang nightlife is so wonderful, right?

New Dong Phuong Bar

Address: 20 Dong Da, Hai Chau district, Da Nang city.

New Dong Phuong Bar is ranked at the top of the largest dance halls in Vietnam. The space here is absolutely lively with extremely exciting music to help you freely swing to the music. Flashing lights everywhere make the atmosphere at New Dong Phuong Bar fanciful, making it easier for you to connect with the crowd.

Place to relax in Da Nang at night - Da Nang Travel Guide
The modern and wide space of the New Phuong Dong Bar.

Notes when playing at night in Da Nang

For your appointments and evening fun in the beautiful city of Da Nang nightlife to be complete. Remember to pocket the following useful experiences!

  • What means of transport should you use to go out at night in Da Nang? To be able to clearly feel the pleasant and cool climate and see the streetscape of Da Nang at night, you should take the initiative by motorbike. In Da Nang, there are many cheap motorbike rental services, only from 80-120k/day.
  • What to wear? The evening weather in Da Nang is mostly cool or just a little chilly, so you just need to choose a lovely outfit and you can go out with peace of mind.
  • Good time to go to the street to “go out”: Most of the evening dining places in Da Nang and snack shops are open “through the night” until 1-2 am. 

Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy many delicious dishes as well as experience interesting activities. You should take advantage of going a little early, around 7-8 pm is ok. And if you want to go to the bar to “dress up”, every 9 pm onwards is fine.

Hopefully, the sharing of entertainment spots of the Things to do in Da Nang at night will help you to enjoy Danang city by night. You can enjoy the fullest fun when visiting this beautiful coastal city.

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